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Welcome to the website for Long Island District 8 ASA.

Within this site you will find the lastest information regarding all aspects of the ASA on Long Island.

As Commissioner of the District 8 ASA of Southern New York, it's an honor to welcome you to our website and the upcoming softball season. We in the ASA want to improve our programs and provide you with the best possible playing facilities, umpires and tournament programs. This will be a huge undertaking and I will work with anyone willing to promote softball on Long Island. In the past couple of years, the game has changed dramatically due to the new equipment that is used in our game. We must think of liability first and make sure the game is safe. New technology has not made it easy nor will it get any easier. We hope to keep the ASA in the forefront when it comes to safe playing conditions and we will not sacrifice the integrity of the game to advanced technology. The future of softball is up to you. Whether you play for fun or compete at a high level, please enjoy and respect the game. With your help, I look forward to having softball grow on Long Island.

Commissioner of Long Island District 8 ASA

Vin Donnelly